Shed Sounds – Studio Move

by deanmelbourne

moving to a new studio space is exciting and sad all at once. I have worked in a shed at the bottom of my garden for three years or so. I have made a lot of progress there. I can sense my attachment to it as I start working in my new space.Changing routines, although often my routines left a bit to be desired.

Working in a shed is nice, the air gets in and you are in touch with whats happening outside. Weather and light and so on. There is a sense of the outdoors. Its cosy, Its comforting.

Sound gets in too. I am twitchy about sound, it tends to have a direct relationship with my anxiety.

In the early days before I was “diagnosed” with anxiety, I would find myself losing hours listening to noise. It could be from neighbours grand children or at a window watching the revving cars across the road as they were fettled and tweaked. I would lose myself in it. Couldn’t not listen.

In a shed you get both the joyous and soothing sounds along with the more invasive noises. Rain on the roof is gorgeous as is the pattering of birds walking around. Less enjoyable is the thankfully less frequent episodes of over enthusiastic local commercial radio listening. Bellowing from windows infuriating ads and all and ofetn accompanied by shockingly bad singing along to Whitney Houston classics. Thankfully as this is limited to sunny days it is rare.Less rare are the circling badly modified exhaust systems attached to ill thought out hatchbacks or wanna be rally drivers. They come with bass. That comes with rattling.

My favourite sound of course is birdsong. Aggressive Blackbirds in spring and the chattering of Starlings on the aerials. We are not blessed with the prettier garden birds in our street, not enough tall trees. Having said that a few gardens up and behind someone keeps at least on tropical bird. His call rings out of tune with the grey skies and 1930’s council houses. The newest bird sound comes from our two hens. Our little attempt at slow living. They are a comfort to be around, slow and calm.

There are other sounds of course that have made up the soundtrack to a working life in the shed. The angry screaming parent and crying pre-schooler. The incessant barking of dogs at various distances and of differing sizes. The ridiculously loud ( so much so its distorted) Ice cream van. Teddy bear’s picnic has never sounded so offensive. All year round! Sun , snow whatever. Lawn mowers and light aircraft and at the end of the street and visible from my garden is Wordsley’s Church. I love the sound of the bells although I am sure they are programmed.

I wonder if it was put there to be visible to our houses to remind us. It has an effect. I am not a religious person but I am fond of churches. I like the way they feel and they remind me of a bigger picture. To be mindful and their architecture transports me to another time.