Meeting a Killer (a tiny one)

by deanmelbourne

I took a walk along the Wordsley to Stourbridge canal with a really great friend who I don’t get to see nearly enough of.

Again the water was very clear and the mid morning light revealed the vast amount of small fish. Tench and Perch mostly.

Walking and talking amongst nature is the best way to spend time with someone I think. It meant we bypassed the traditional catch up and talked excitedly about our changing attitudes to “seeing” nature. My friend lives near Inverurie in Scotland and so has a fresh perspective on this place that I have known all my life. I makes for interesting conversation.

Out from a lilly pad slowly emerged my first ever glimpse of a Pike. (i know ! I would have thought I would have seen one before too. But I checked with myself. I hadn’t!) It was tiny in the scheme of things , maybe 30cm, but it’s difference to those he shared his environment were striking.

We were instantly captivated and my mind instantly forgot about scale as I watched it prowl. I was in there with it.  It’s movement were shocking from cruising languidly to a lightening dart and an unreal and physics defying freeze. During this freeze I got to see the incredible stripes of green like a liquid tiger. It’s head to was terrifying. So so different from the other soft rounded fish.

Clearly designed to do one thing and to do it very well I could sense the terror in that underwater world. Indeed I was amazed to see the small fish making an effort to follow him. ” I guess thats the best end to be at”  delivered my friend, dead pan. He was right.

I have never felt a sense of the alien like that from a creature so small. It was cold, chilling. It enthralled us. Then it was gone. A small thing,  a tiny moment, in a unimportant place.

We walked on chattering like kids about how amazing it was. It was a memorable thing to share.