A Bird in the Hand.

by deanmelbourne

I broke a rule. I couldn’t help myself. As I walked back between the trees towards where the children were playing when something brushed past my face and landed on my foot as I strode forward. I walked on at first but I couldn’t process quite what that thing was. A strange colour to be landing at my feet. 

I took a couple of steps back and looked amongst the undergrowth. There it was, not moving eyes closed and limp. A newly fledged blue tit. 

I had lifted it with my hand before I thought about the fact that it now might not get fed by a parent bird due to my intervention. Iris dashed back to me to investigate what I was doing. She could not believe her eyes when I let her see the tiny little life in my hand. 

She held out her hand and I passed the tiny bird over to her. She looked sad as she thought it was dead. But it started to stir ad began to open it’s eyes and its beak. The preciousness of the life in our hands was a moving moment for us both and we placed the bird back. It was looking more and more capable as we moved away. 

I lovely chance to share the magic of a wild animal interaction. A chance to share the beauty in the small and often overlooked.