2.9.2012 – the Diving Beetle

by deanmelbourne

This late summer has been probably the most dramatic display of cloud formations and glorious light that I can remember. Another breath taking sunset this evening. I must tackle the cloud spotters guide.

Another dramatic display of Red Admirals and Peacock butterflies in the garden of a friend. The kept us company as we played an improvised game of cricket with a ladder and a wooden tennis racket.

As the kids played “magic potions” with an old barrel of water we had a close encounter with a lost Diving Beetle. His strength was a suprise as we delivered him back to his murky home.

I was exhausted today by the days of consistent tension and thinking. It would not stop though. Words stick in the throat as they struggle to emerge if i leave it to long. The company of a friend distracted and I am grateful for that.

Sunny and dramatic clouds with a sunset to die for. Insistent thinking.