3.9.2012 – The Moon and more

by deanmelbourne


There is such a magic in looking at the moon through a scope. I sat out to look through my bird spotting scope last night as the moon glare flooded everything with silver light. It is no telescope but the magnification is enough to transport me back to my youth and a sense of magic and wonder.

Nightmares leave me feeling sad and vulnerable. Last nights were particularly vivid and upsetting. I woke feeling exhausted and a little haunted. My plan was for a fresh start today. Two weeks of working hard to reach a mental stability that would let me move forward was to be put into place today. Then of course life happens. Chicken pox to be precise and a race against time for IM to be ready to fly on our long awaited family holiday on sunday. 

Stress I of course had not accounted for when I planned my calm start to the week. My usual catastrophic thinking took over from my now constant anxiety with gusto. Fresh start gone. 

The sunlight along the canal was golden today and there was much to see. I am still shocked by the amount of fish life and I saw more Pike today. The young Coots and Moore hens are coming on and being braver as they explore further from their parents. There were boisterous sparrows taking advantage of the Elderberries that hang over the water on the opposite side to the towpath. 

It was the Dragonflies that stood out though. More than I have seen there before and glowing like golden fairies in the sunlight. They were highly active too. I am not sure whether it was fighting or mating, either seemed to be out of kilter with the season but then I guess the odd weather this summer could cause these changes. 

A bright sunny day, clear water, panic turning to calmer thoughts as the day moved along.