5.9.2012 – Poplars and Honeysuckle

by deanmelbourne

As I sat at the traffic lights on the way to the studio I noticed a girl on a bike. She stood out. Something about her style and demeanour made her look like she wasn’t from around here. A little out of place. Her retro racer and cool style was more like a city cyclist. She looked healthy and very alive. Funny how people can can stand out like that. Just one face amongst so many. 

I found a solution to a painting problem today, it was Rossetti’s honeysuckle. 

A little crisis may seem like a bad thing but somehow a focus for my anxiety leaves me in some ways feeling clearer and my studio was a welcome oasis from the atmosphere at home. 

There is a view of the tops of 6 or 7 Poplars from my door way across the roofs. Today there was a lovely contrast between the blue of the sky and the shimmering leaves as the wind lifted them to show the pale underside.

Bright blue skies, intermittent panic, generally fine, although assisted.

Another challenging night ahead and an early start.