7.9.2012 – Blue Sky and Pallas Athene

by deanmelbourne

Yesterday was dark , I lost my mindfulness. I saw and felt nothing but tension and fear.

Today the sun came out. From the moment I woke there were clear blue skies. The world looked beautiful. Even the pretty and friendly barrista who made my flat white this morning in her amazingly fitted jeans and crisp white shirt. Her sparkling smile. A day to fall in love several times.

As I walked away from work toward the station this evening people were arriving in the city for their nights out. Colourful figure hugging maxi dresses and heady wafts of perfume are so sexy.  I am glad the beautiful people look happy to be out. I am happy to be going home.  It might be the dresses that help my mind wonders to ancient greece and the goddess Pallas Athene. Thirty minutes with Homers’ Odyssey on the train to look forward to. Before i will be blessed to be with my healthy little family.

I like my train station. I is old fashioned. Its been there since 1901 and still has a lovely feel. There is a little walk that I make back to my car that I really like. Its a really leafy green area and so the air smells good at the end of a warm day and the sun sets in just the right direction for the drive home.

Blue skies with hints of optimism. a glimpse of some energy.