4.1.2013 – yellow bird

by deanmelbourne

I live nowhere.
The evidence is all around. The detritus of people who don’t care is strewn wherever there is nature. They live in their heads with their plastic lives that take place in whichever reality town is on tv right now.

There are good people but most avoid the places where they may actually interact with their environment. Sitting in cars, in queues, drowning the noise with Radio 4 and a fantasy that puts them in the shires.

The worst of all worlds. Snobbery, inverted snobbery, a sorry for ourselves attitude but without the urgency of real poverty or inner city identity that might provide community spirit. On the edge of the rural. Disowning the industrial and turning towards the country in our 4x4s. Litter, bull terrier shit, white boys playing at gangsters, chest puffing men in big cars and small mindedness everywhere.

A little yellow bird flew away to the opposite bank of the canal. A yellow wagtail. It was beautiful and only my second ever encounter with one. It paced the jetty, bobbing and preening. For 20 minutes we stood and looked at each other. It perched on an old plastic trike before it left. Leaving me here, nowhere.