5.1.2013 – skimming the earth and instant coffee

by deanmelbourne

If the world moves by at the right speed I find I feel a whole lot better. I notice a lot. My mind buzzes and if I walk there are to many things that get in.

I see the litter and the faces and the mud and grime. Of course I see the the slightest glimpse of a bird or notice the tiniest plant. In the place that I live that is full of “ordinary” people that can be painful.

Walking in the country is better but even here the atmosphere of a day can bring me down. If the light is wrong or the landscape takes on the intimidating scale it is prone to do at certain times of the day.

Cycling can work. Once out the world drifts by in a way that prevents dwelling. But a focus on my lack of fitness and the sinking feeling when you realise you also have to get home can spoil that for a slightly overweight asthmatic.

Today the wide landscape and blue patchy sky and varied clouds fly by. I skim the world. Quickly away from the hoards and out into that England. Villages, church spires, ancient trees, fields, crows and country houses.

Sunlight glinting of the flooded fields of the river Severn. Bracing cold speeding my heart rate and metabolism and the swings and rises as my bike pulls hard out of sweeping bends.

I haven’t ridden my motorbike for a couple of months. Today’s mild weather makes it possible. I’m at a biker cafe. I like it here funnily. People are here with a common bond. There are reckless idiots full of bravado and vintage men full of stories and technical data. But we all sit facing the landscape Watching the clouds and river. All escaped for an hour.

My horribly sweet instant coffee and pleasingly unhealthy bacon sandwich are going cold as I type.

Big skies, equilibrium restored.