9.1.2013 – new year

by deanmelbourne

Two lines of investigation in my work now. I know this due to having two note books.

One a permission to play to let loose. A useful mechanism that should transfer to all my work.

Darkness the theme for both, a tie. On one hand the darkness of the pleasure seeking mind. Physical darkness, of the flesh if you like.

The other darkness in landscape, or landscape as a vehicle for expression of human feeling.

A journey inward and out to the world. Perhaps to find the same thing.

Reading at the moment is John Fowles The Magus and a John Piper catalogue. I think this says it all.

I feel physically and mentally strong unusually. Cycling, breakfast and good conversation have conspired to leave me positive and bullish about progress.

Fog today and the temperature has dropped. Moon rise was 6.00 am.