19.1.2013 – multiplicity of thought

by deanmelbourne

Finding images is an addiction.

Valid reasons do not prevent the damage an addiction can do.

When faced with the myriad of talented voices. Exemplars and standard setters how does one reconcile to start a journey of your own.

You can see the evidence. Pinterest is my poison at the moment. Filed, organised, lists, boards. 18000 images already tell me all I need to know about my ideas, ideals and goals.

Except they don’t show me where I come in. All the work there us done complete.

A useful tool for creating an atmosphere and as a bucket of playthings to pick up and try out. A larder.

But now I have to be me. Make the work that I make. And it is daunting.

Be yourself is the advise.be authentic. And the voice is right but being yourself when your best and educated guess is that it’s not enough to achieve your goals requires another choice.

I know what is on my way.

My ego

Fifteen magpies , six wood pigeons , bull finches chasing , a woodpecker , two glorious crows and a buzzard. All taking their share in the snow.

The wren is to small and shy and the gulls are too high.