27.2.2013 – I look up

by deanmelbourne

I look up squinting . The fluorescent strips of the train meet my cold filled morning eyes. The leaden skies were more comforting. Hey they have a use after all.

Commuters illuminated, applying foundation, flicking fringes and staring numbly into smart phones and the metro.

I saw her yesterday the lady in the teal woollen coat with matching nails. She has a stern but soft face. thin and intelligent and her hair is down and free of aggressive style. Unusual amongst over preened up does and harsh cuts. She scowls at the paper and when she smiles her whole being changes.

She wears uggs to commute over her tights. Comfy and warm but incongruent with her style. I imagine she will change when she arrives at work.

The green of the seats on London midland trains really is horrible.

Cold, common cold lead grey skies , streaming eyes and slightly dizzy. Spring is threatening.