27.2.2013 – I remember (10 mins)

by deanmelbourne

I remember moments with nature. As a child my strongest feelings of joy are linked to to natural landscape, the weather and birds and animals.

Being woken excruciatingly early to drive to the harbour in looe to watch the morning catch of blue shark being weighed. My photo taken as I stood beneath this beautiful giant. The pride of the the spot of blood on my new white tee shirt. It stained.

We fished for crabs on the harbour wall for most of the day. Buckets and buckets of mostly green crabs. A friend and I explored among the boats at low tide as they lay prone on their painted keels. We found a conga eel head and were amazed at its size. Our parents were less pleased to see it as we rushed excitedly back to them holding it aloft.

At sunset we walked around a small lake or a large pool. The sky was red with fire and I remember my dad clapping his mechanics hands and sending a flock of starlings into the sky. I stood in awe at their display and as the sun dropped beyond the horizon I headed home in my dads coat.