25.3.2013 – Recent captures in a bundle

by deanmelbourne

I watched the blue fading light from the attic window. Perched high on the side of a golden valley. Rain pattered and splattered and the wind seeped through the delicate frame. As I settled back in this new retreat and read a few lines on my temporary bed. I looked back at my home from this little distance and felt some contentment.

A passenger on a journey. The snow blur increases my sense of speed and the whiskey blur behind my eyes increases my sense of wonder. A foot against my side tells me I am sharing the darkness and the quite tells me we all feel the magic.

“Tell me about your childhood ?” she said. Really? That really happens? Oh ok.

Im out, walking the streets of Earls Court. A slightly bewildered stranger. It’s nice here. What just happened? She told my life back to me and it was not mine. Yet it was. I have no idea how to feel but I think I may feel cleaner. She had a shelf full of books about german art. I think I hoped to connect more. I know that that is not allowed but still. I am changed somehow.

Im in Bloomsbury now but a little lost. The claustrophobic second hand book shop creates a wave of homesickness and I leave the labyrinth empty handed and run for my train although I know I’m two hours early. At least I am closer to home here.

Motorway driving is a twisted pleasure of mine. A mission, you see the weather change and sky’s come and go and day turn to night and I am still moving. Carrying my precious cargo home. No stopping, keep pushing, don’t let off the gas. Hurtle now towards the west as the sun sets under heavy snow laden skies we head towards home. As we ease off and leave the flow she wakes and stretches. “Gosh we are nearly home?” Yes hon we are.

medication free skies, low temperatures and penetrating frost. Clear dry air.