22.4.2013 – Revisiting (witchwood).

by deanmelbourne

A small overly patterned bedroom. Overtly floral and twee. The view across two single beds and across to the window. A gothic storm complete with witch’s tree. The lamp is lit. The tea set is used. Pink and yellow light flood in and cast maroon and green shadows.

On each bed a figure. Two men and between the beds a chess board, a game half played. On the nearest bed at the bottom of the picture the figure turns toward  the viewer and away from the other man. He wears only underwear and a expression of pained shame and secrecy. His hand is thrust into his underwear as he hides from view in an foetal position. There is a hint of the feminine about his position and his lips are flushed. 

The other figure by contrast lies back and looks to be sleeping one arm above his head and the other hand falls on the chess board. Destroying the game. He to is only partially dressed and is languid and at ease like a greek hero in contrast to the squirming figure that meets our gaze.

Witchwood revisted

Blue skies in the mornings but hollow and empty. I saw an owl flash in the glare of my headlights. A split second and blur of feather and light. Showers and evening rainbows feel just right.