18.12.13 – final mentoring session

by deanmelbourne

Over the past few months I have been lucky enough have received funding to spend time with a mentor.

Yesterday was my final session with Zavier Ellis of Charlie Smith Londonn. It has been a re-invigorating process and I have been very lucky in getting a mentor who has given time and energy to ensure that he has made a difference to my practise.

I asked Zavier to mentor me in the hope that aswell as benefiting from his experience I might get to see from the I inside what his bit of the London art world looked and felt like. Being an irregular out of town visitor to events , fairs and PVs can only tell you so much. With a young family , a day job and painting to make i find it tricky to really get to know people.

Yesterday was about a final look at professional practise and a review I progress so far and what happens next. We also visited Zavier’s studio space and talked about his new work.

I have learned a lot and feel ready. Tomorrow is my last day in my day job for a couple of months as I take unpaid leave to prepare for a big opportunity at the end of Feb.

I plan to blog more over the course of this period to record the work and the thinking and will no doubt be sharing my learning in the hope that it moves someone else on.