2.1.2014 – Abandoning reason brings forth monsters

by deanmelbourne

Return to the garden, Gods garden? “I’m in Gods garden but Ill make it a forest”

I heard the Kevin Bridges bit about us having an “Empty” in God’s absence the other day. I really liked the idea. 

The Garden, the forest, nature. A place of beasts, a place we return. The night, violence, sex, secrets. A place to crawl and scratch in the soil like dogs. 


Are the trees passive? Do they watch and judge, they have surely seen us return to the animal that we presume to have transcended. Always there, always present.  They witness. 

” the woods are the threshold to secrets” 

” the less accessible channels of human existence”

“Summoning mystical communications with nature”

Abandoning reason brings for monsters. 

Let go of the trappings , return to the garden. 

Theatrical devices, gestures, 

The Magus, the minotaur, pan , Lilu the incubus , succubus, hyena. 

The truth, the fiction, the madness, the game, the choice.

Archetypes, the mother. 

Dogs, natures opportunists ( NHM)

The Id, the basement.

mouths drooling blood, harsh flash light.

the frightened animal.

the longing soul.

the serpent bound sinner.